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Must be LOYAL! active, and willing to go to war's. MUST have a account with are web page to be allowed past the recruit rank.


This is the guild website for Elite Guardians, we are a Wu(blue) guild with in Kingdom Heroes on the server Bamboo Grove. We are always looking for new members and if you would like to join feel free to sign up here or contact Lyasu_iyasu or TheLastStand in game. Just to give a little info on our guild; we are a level 2 guild and growing in both size and level, we are looking for active members to come and join the fun we have. We do weekly events and even sometimes do some out of the blue when the leaders are feeling nice.
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KH now has a mailing and master Update!

Lyasu, Jul 1, 11 11:34 AM.
The aereia team put togther a mailing system just for you! You have to go to the junk shop or inn keeper to buy pidgon's. 
Smart pidgons are required for delivering items. There is also a apprentice and master Progrm located in your friends list under mentor. Must have 2 apprentices on to recive any buff's. Buffs arew 20%exp boost, DEF boost, att boost, and m att boost. The Quest to become a master is in Hefie near the crafting guys.

New Recruits Officer

Lyasu, May 13, 11 10:43 PM.
Kingdom Heroes has a 3x exp buff to help you get to level 120 faster! Name of npc who give's quest is (New recruit officer) he is located at Lujiang Base (1478,290). The base you start at when you first make a new toon ^^
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